A Monologue by Alfred Vassallo





The action takes place in a small apartment belonging to the MAN. It is a very simple room,  bed for one, a small wardrobe with his clothes, a small table with a bottle of whisk nearly filled and a glass, a small cabinet with a microwave and a kettle on top of it, a small fridge freeze filled with food and an ordinary chair. As the play begins the room is dim-lit we see a shadow of a noose on a wall or if possible a manageable noose hanging from the ceiling so that it could be pulled up.)



(He is in his pyjamas sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at the noose.)


I am staring at the noose which I have created for my own neck. This is the end,  I have achieved my goal.


I know why you came here, you want to see how I managed it all. To speak frankly I do not know, but fortunately I did, and now I have to go and rest, if that is possible, beside her.


What reasons did I have to commit murder? What was the notion after all? I think it was a vague idea which gave me pleasure and vengeance.


It was the mind that told me to kill, not through voices, but from signals that were transmitted from my broken heart.


Do you think killing another person is easy? First I had to concentrate hard and think about the ability to kill another human being. Since I have never done this before, I thought I needed he help of some stimulant, like alcohol for instance, which was already part my life, to put my mind at ease and make it prod very deep into the process of murder.


Who am I going to kill? The answer was simple, very simple indeed. This question was significant because choosing a victim is not like being in a restaurant with an A la carte menu with all kinds of dishes to choose from.


Ladies and gentleman this is my story.


(The noose disappears and the room is brightly lit. The MAN goes and pours some whisky in the glass takes a sip and talks)


Sandra and I were young when we met. I met here in Glasgow, Scotland, studying arts at Glasgow University. I was having a walk around one of the beautiful gardens this city have. She was there, sitting on a bench all alone and pensive. She was not a beauty and I didn't care. Why should I? After all, I had only one thing on my mind. I sat beside her and asked if she minded me sitting there, and that is how I've managed to hook my first victim.

We talked for a long time, and when I asked if I could see her again, she invited me to her for the evening. She was quite a character, talkative and intelligent. I knew from the beginning that this was an adventure of my beautiful desire! I was very excited, like a child expecting his first-ever Christmas gift. I remember I was kneeling with my head beneath her legs. ​

Then our bodies ached for one another. I observed that my demon within me had been freed. I gazed at her and kissed her passionately, she slowly kissed back with strong feelings. I bit her violently on her bottom lip and she screamed with joy and sensual pleasure. Soon after our arms were combating each other without contempt.​

My mind was unbelievably relaxed, after all, this was the one and only time that I will make love to her. I was on top of her wet body and was ready to penetrate her. 

"This is for you mother", this was the thought that rushed through my mind as I started to fuck her.​

Although I was angry and filled with hateful thoughts for certain women I loved having sex with them. She did not mind my strong attitude towards my response to her, in fact, she was enjoying so much that she crossed her legs around my back, and moaned passionately.​

There was nothing left apart from my evil thoughts and our naked sweaty bodies. I felt tears in my eyes. This act wasn't made of love, only lust, there was no other love emotion involved. I knew she was under my control and thought this was the time to execute my revenge.

"This is for you mother!” this time I shouted it and while I was still inside her I took one of the pillows and placed it on her face and pushed hard. My feelings were now beyond ecstatic and there was no other way to specifically convey my emotions. I pushed and pushed until there was no movement or a hint of life. After my deed ended I pull out of her noticing that even my sexual emotions died too at that time, and looked at her helplessly dead. I kissed her face.

I woke up still fondling her in my arms. It was a moment of triumph. I smiled and pushed her body away.


I dressed and took out a piece of paper with just one word. SMOTHER ! made up of newspapers cuttings and placed her on her now-defunct body.​

I moved to the bedroom door and looked at her again. "I shall never forget you, Sandra. You are the start of my oblivion."

I was out in the fresh cold night air. At first, I walked, and then I ran fast, as fast as I can. I was out of breath. I couldn't stop. My adrenaline was at its maximum heights. 

I slowed down and looked around me before stopping at my door. I looked again and when I was satisfied there was no one around I grabbed the keys from my jacket pocket and opened it. ​

I went straight into the bathroom and washed my hands thoroughly, wiping them on a damp towel.  The act of washing my hands was instinct, I don't know why I did that. Then I stripped naked and took all the clothes to the kitchen and placed them in the washing machine. After that, I went back to the bathroom and had a much-needed shower.​

I dried myself well and went to the living room, I sat down on an old armchair without concern.  I smiled and closed my eyes.


When I woke up I felt very cold, why not? I was still naked. I went back to the bathroom and had another shower.

I was comfortable now. I made myself a full breakfast and many cups of coffee.  Later I went to the front door and picked the newspaper, which is delivered to me daily. 

I sat down again and this time I poured whisky into the coffee cup and started to peruse the paper. There was no news of the killing yet, how could there be.


(He drinks his whisky fast and goes to the fridge and opens it and takes a sandwich and takes a bite. He moves down again.)


That was my first killing for you it sounds horrible and insane, for me, it was justified. You might think that after the first one I will find another victim immediately. You are wrong. It took a few years.


To recapitulate my early days I have to concentrate very hard, my past is extremely blurred, it looks like a foggy lane, and I will have to use torchlight to find the beginning let alone my initiation, and to explain the characteristics of my life. You see I don't like to go over it again, the outline of my early life was very disruptive. It required strong effort on my part, while to recap everything

sometimes I will recount events that occurred to me, and I reiterate with honesty yet keep repeating my promise, that I will restate my living as I wanted it to be. A few moments from now I shall review my pledge, run over thoroughly

every single word I said and devour it, not only that I  will run through it again and again. I will also express concisely, of how the hell did I go through it all.

To sum up, if no one knows what I have done it would have been in vain.



(The MAN goes and pours some more whisky in the glass and talks)


As I said it took a little bit more than two years, I was working in a hotel as a barman. I quit University and moved to England, Manchester to be precise. I can only say that these last 26 months I lived a normal life, like a normal human being. I had no regrets. All I had were the memories that kept reminding me of the stain in my heart. I enjoyed life, I dated a woman and never thought of any wrongdoings. The demon was asleep. I think you are wondering what I mean by my demon? I think that too.

How does my dormant demon wake up? In truth I do not know, I never thought about it. But when it does it doesn't leave me in peace. It keeps badgering my mind, tormenting my heart until I do something about it.

Although I was worked hard I also was drinking heavily. When I was on duty I never refused any offered drink from customers which were frequent. After work, I went out with women or stayed in my flat watching television and having a few whiskies. That night, was a stormy night. It was also the night of my desire, the dormant demon is fully awake and it will be made splendid by the actions that are waiting for me. It was about seven, on a cold evening in mid-November. It was getting dark and the storm began to announce its arrival. I walked slowly to the public park, it was not far from where I lived and I was not in a hurry. I knew exactly where I was going and whom I was going to find. I was looking for one particular woman who did nothing but watch for somebody to get laid with and sips alcohol from here silver hip flask.

After this night she will not touch a drop ever again I made that a solemn promise.

The storm did not last long and the weather cleared quickly. The path in the park was deserted and the night was closing in quickly. I arrived in plenty of time and I saw her sitting quietly with crossed arms. I stopped and looked around me and when I was satisfied with the surroundings I moved towards her and politely asked her if I could sit down beside her.

She wouldn't have been so pleased to accept the quarter bottle of whisky I offered her if she knew what was coming to her. I sat with her and talked for a while, she was so delighted with the whisky offered hoping that I will invite her for a shag.

She was not wrong there. I asked her if she liked to come with me and without hesitation she accepted.

I took her to my car and drove to a deserted Premier Inn on the outskirts of the city. I booked in as Mr and Mrs Bundy.((laughs) I thought that was funny).

It did not take us very long to be naked and indulging on our bodies.

Her heavy breathing did not bother me in fact they enhanced the sexual fantasy. .As I came inside her, slowly I pulled out and she gave a sigh of disappointment. I grabbed a pillow and smothered her with it. It took longer than I thought as she fought desperately for her life. Finally, the deed was done and I turned on my back looking at the ceiling with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

I was not in a hurry. I had all night if I wanted to.

You see, this I carefully planned. I knew that the demon was not going to let me live in peace until I kill another woman. I also knew that from now on I have to leave the city far away, probably South or East of England. I had already told my hotel manager that I was leaving the job because I wanted to go abroad. I thought that was a good reason.

To be honest I did not bother to remove anything from the that would incriminate me. I could not remove my sperm from her completely so why bother. I left the room round about 3 am leaving behind my signature note with Smother as usual with cutting letters from newspapers and waited quietly for a while until there was no one in front of the reception desk and exited quickly. I went into the car lowered the handbrake and moved slowly away downhill until I was a few yards away from the hotel and drove away.

When I arrived at my flat I had a glass of whisky and went a had a shower. My bags were already packed except for those I was going to wear for my travels and put away the clothes I was wearing during my deed in a black bag. I was completely satisfied. I waited a few hours, in which I had a small nap on the couch and left Manchester for good. I made up my mind that I was going somewhere in Essex.

That morning I arrived in Southend. First thing I did is find myself a bed and breakfast for a couple of days until I rented a flat of my own, look for a different job which I did and began another new life hoping that the demon will sleep forever.


(During this time The MAN starts to change from pyjamas to usual clothes)

I won’t feel said, no more, I know she’d forgiven me. My life changed though the old one keeps, appearing. Am I delighted? She did not face me one more time, she died before I ask for forgiveness. Though I know forgetting the humiliation, is not without respect and dignity.

I’ve had faith in her she found me fair, she was my mother. I gave her my heart, and all those yesterdays were time enough for embracing the truth again. That

Life got stronger, love continued, tender care came by, Mother and I confined.

Yet I could not tear down the curtain of the past, the hanging truth of sincere love, it was only a dream, make-believe. There was only hurtful life and pains. Together soon will be one more time.


Southend-on-Sea, commonly known as Southend is a town in the south-eastern Essex in England.

I lived there for nearly five years working as a supervisor in one of the big supermarkets. Except for the heavy drinking I was living a normal life. I forgot the misdeeds I had done previously for a while, (not completely but enough to keep me sane).

Then the demon woke. Why and for what reason I had fancied meeting a red-headed lady. I said, lady, because that what I wanted to search for. Not any riff-raff. This time I thought I shall upgrade my status. I shall find the right one, indulged myself with her by wining and dining. Hoping I will sexually satisfy myself thoroughly and think of her demise.

I thought I have to look elsewhere, maybe Colchester, Ipswich or Norwich. Far enough so that I do not have to leave Southend in a haste.

Every evening I visited them. I thoroughly located the busiest places where one should dine and have a social drink in comfort.

At last, I found the right place. At first, because of its name, I thought it was an oriental place, but it turned out to be a wonderfully decorated Italian restaurant with soft background songs from the old Sanremo festivals.

All I had to do is wait and try to hook the lady in question. I thought to myself, being a bit full of myself, it won't be too difficult with my looks and charm. I was not wrong, though It took me nearly 5 nights to find the right lady. Her name was Charlotte, about 37 years old, she was a bit taller than me, and I thought she had a good figure, divorced but no children. Her face was particularly nice, but it was her hair that attracted me most, it was red-orange colour, natural and not fake and that what really clinched it. What really bothered me most was that she was a lawyer and dealt mostly with local rotten apples.

How did I meet her? I am going to tell you.

I went to this wine bar in Ipswich, it wasn't very busy but it had a pleasant atmosphere. I was sitting by a table with a glass filled with whiskey and soda, It was my third one when she came in. She looked around and went to the counter and ordered a drink, paid and went to sit on an empty table a few feet from where I was. She was very elegantly dressed. A tight black dress with a little bit of white to break the monotony of darkness.

As I passed her to go to the counter to get another drink she gave me a smile and I smiled back. The barmaid poured me another whiskey with some ice and a splash of soda and went back to the table. I looked at her again and to my surprise, she was also looking at me. So I got up from my chair grabbed my drink and went to her table asking politely if I could join her.

"Please do," she said. That was it.

That evening ended saying goodbyes and with a date to meet again there two days later which was a Friday.

The two days went by very quickly. I didn't do much except working and staying in indulging myself in drink and watching some old films. On Friday morning I did not go to work, I phoned in sick. I wanted to prepare and plan my day.

At about 5 pm I was taken a bath. I stayed in the water for about three-quarters of an hour. Before I put my clothes on I went to brush my long hair which by now was nearly dry. I looked at the mirror and comb smoothly my large beard and smiled with a (what shall I call it) evil smirk.

I dressed very sophisticatedly indeed, a beautifully tailor-made black suit, white silk shirt with very thin black stripes. I went to the kitchen, open a cupboard where I keep my bottles of alcohol and poured out a generous measure of whiskey and gobbled it in one go. I shook my head with disgust and wiped my lips...I was on my way to fulfilling another promised performance.

As I went into the place Charlotte was already there with a large glass Prosecco. I said hello and sat down. As I looked at her she looked like Scarlet O'Hara but a bit older. She was dressed in red. Once again I thought she had a very good taste in clothes. We were there for almost an hour, enjoying talking and drinking. Everything was going smoothly, but then something unexpected happened. In came a couple, a bit older than us. They looked up and saw Charlotte. The woman rushed towards her and kissed each other on the cheeks. Charlotte politely introduced me to them, they sat down beside us and had a few drinks with them. After half an hour I interrupted the conversion and reminded Charlotte that it was nearing the time to go to the restaurant. She made her apologies and left. I was deadly quiet and she noticed. She asked what was the matter with me I said that I head a slight headache. She wanted to put off the restaurant but I insisted we go. After all, I had no headache at all I was thinking about that couple and if they could recognise me in the future.

Anyway, we had a lovely dinner. I still remember she had baked mozzarella with endives and veal cutlet Palermo Style, while I had sautéed wild mushroom bruschetta followed by Beef tournedos Rossini without the Foie gras. We drank two bottles of Barolo and a small bottle of dessert wine. Before coffee, she had specialized Italian Ice-cream and I had cheese and biscuits.

Charlotte was very cheery when we left the restaurant and I knew I did her proud and she was pleased with my company. I asked her if she would like to go to a hotel for the rest of the night, I explained that I lived in Chelmsford. (A small white lie) and with the amount of alcohol I had in me, it was safer to stay put. She agreed and I took her to a small hotel which I have looked up the day before. It was isolated and not very busy.

The old receptionist was a bit tired and was not very happy with his sleep interruption. So he hurried our booking and gave the key. As before I signed the book as Mr and Mrs Bundy. I don't think Charlotte realised what I had written and I don't think she even cared.

The demon inside me was very excited again.

Once we were in the room I arched against her and had two fingers worked inside her, a little uncomfortable but nothing she couldn't handle. I kept my mouth on her, lavishing her breasts with attention. My thumb rubbed around her orange hair and her eyes rolled back into her head. So close. The strength of what was building was staggering. Mind-blowing. Her body was going to be blown to dust. If I stopped, she'd cry. She will cry and beg for more.

When I saw that she was excited with pleasure, I stopped, thinking that perhaps if I deprived her now she might make a gesture towards fulfilment. At first, she made no motion. Her body was quivering, and I have tormented her with desire...Charlotte grew desperate.

As she laid exhausted, I stretched my hand over her head and with experience, I grabbed the pillow and pushed towards her head very very hard. Her body quivered, she fought desperately by I was stronger than her. I kept pressing hard and waited...waited until there was no sign of movement...No sign of life....

This was different, I thought, I removed the pillow and kissed her cheeks, they were still very warm. I stroked her ginger hair over and over again. When I was satisfied I left my signature note as I usually do, calmly had a shower, and left the hotel room quietly and with care.

I drove slowly to Southend I was not in a hurry. When I arrived home I went straight to bed and slept like a baby. The next morning, Saturday, it was beautiful and sunny. I woke up early and thought about the achievement of the previous night. Yet my mind was pre-occupied with the couple we've met. I had to make a quick decision. In fact, I had to take the decision instantly, and I did.

I decided to leave Southend, this time without giving notice to my job or to the landlady. I had a quick bath and was in so much panic that I decided to change my image. I've cut and shaved my beautiful long hair and my beard. I looked in the mirror and looked ugly. A shaven head did not suit me. I picked the hair up and put it in a plastic bag to bin it somewhere later. I did not have any breakfast two cups of black coffee. That is all I needed. I packed my two medium-sized cases. Cleaned the flat as much as I could. Before I left I went to the kitchen and took A full bottle and another half of whiskey into my bag. I needed this I thought.

I left the flat and drove to London. I stopped in Romford about one in the afternoon and decided to go and have something to eat before I continue my journey. I found a nice pub called and had a quick lunch. While I was sitting and enjoying my lunch I heard the news on their Plasma TV. To make the long story short, it was broadcast that a woman in her late thirties was found suffocated in a hotel. The police were treating it as murder.

I did not panic. Obviously they did not suspect anyone yet but of course, they did not announce her name. "The couple, that bloody couple", I said to myself. When I finished lunch  I decided to go and try my luck in Wales.


(He takes a long pause. Even if he is not fully dressed he goes for his glass of whisky and drinks from it.)



In Wales, I was living quietly and enjoying a few trips around the country-side and it was in one of those trips that I met a mysterious lady.

I had to brake instantly and the car stopped.

I was driving along a country road, it was surrounded by hedges, trees, and other plants. My mind was occupied after a day-long drive. I was listening to Mozart's requiem, the last movement of the sequence, Lachrymose, which filled the interior of the car with sadness which mingled with my emotions.

I nearly knocked her down. I did not see her in the middle of the narrow road and she didn't seem to hear the screeching of the brakes as she kept on walking without looking back. I got out of the car angrily and slammed the door behind me and ran towards her shouting. "For Christ sake, look watch where you're going? You cannot just stroll in the middle of the road." The woman stopped and I faced her. She was very distressed and had tearful eyes. "I could have run you over!" I said to her quietly

She apologised not knowing what I have just told her. I told her that she in the middle of the road. I did, however, notice how disturbed she was.

Ignoring my remarks she asked me the time instead, as I looked at the watch without thinking I told her it was quarter past five. She thanked me and kept

"You could get hurt, you know!" I shouted back at her. I started walking back to the car when I stopped and turned to her again and called out to her. "Can I give you a lift somewhere?"

She said no and continued on her way. I insisted and asked her again.

I went into the car and closed the door behind me and started the engine again. Suddenly the woman stopped and turned and ran towards the car.

"Excuse me, I've changed my mind! The ride will do me good," she said

I told her to get in and as she did so I drove away. As I drove, we were both quiet, she was staring blankly towards the windscreen while I kept glancing at her methodically. Then I realised she wasn’t wearing the seat belt and I told her so." She acknowledged and secured the seat belt on her.

Without looking at me she asked if I was on my way from work, and I told that I liked going for a spin in the beautiful country because it relaxes me completely.

She asked me If anyone was waiting for me. I didn't answer and for the first time she smiled and I noticed it. After a while, I stopped in front of a beautiful old house just outside the village as she instructed me. She opened the door and got out. "Thanks," she said.

As she walked towards her house I kept staring at her. There was something unusual about her yet she was captivating. Before she took out the door keys she stopped and turned back and faced me. We kept looking at each other for a while when suddenly she came back to the car opened the door once again.

"Do you have a spare bed?" she asked. I stared at her baffled, "I've got a sofa!"

She laughed and went back in the car closing the door behind her and putting the seat belt on. I took off slowly still staring at her.


The next morning I woke up early and after I put a dressing gown I went downstairs to the kitchen and prepared breakfast on a tray. A cafeteria, orange juice and toast butter, jam and marmalade and I took it to the lounge. There the mysterious lady was still sleeping on the sofa I looked at her intensely as quietly placed all the food from the tray onto a small table. I sat down and started to pour coffee for myself trying hard not to make a noise.

"Good morning," she said still lying down smiling. That night and morning nothing happened.

A week passed since I met the mysterious woman and for a reason unknown to me I couldn't get her out of my mind. That morning I was planning to go to the centre of the town for some shopping So after I drank coffee quickly, I went to the car and drove away. I wasn't driving fast, after all, I was in no hurry. I was on the outskirts of the town when on a bench in a public park I saw her. She was sitting reading a book. I slowed down and made sure that it was her, and when I was sure I looked for a place to park. I walked quickly towards the park and went behind the bench. I asked her if it was a good book?

The woman turned her face and smiled.

"I have a better idea," I said to her, "let's go and have coffee together."

She closed the book got up and together we went off to town. The coffee shop we found was an ideal place, luxurious and quiet. After ordering coffee and a couple of croissants we looked at each other without saying a word.

Then she explained to me that she doesn’t usually go home with strange men and sleeps on their sofa.

I laughed, and told neither did I and we both laughed.

After we finished she got up from the table and wanted to go a walk by the sea.

When we arrived the beach was empty, no wonder it was a very cold day. I walked in front of her, while she was picking up pebbles and throwing them into the sea. A flock of birds flew by, it was a wonderful scene and we sat down on the sand watching them. After a while, we got up and walked on the long beach and when we decided we had enough I asked her if she wanted me to drive her somewhere.

She calmly said no and walked away. "I'll call you," she shouted at me.

I smiled and walked slowly towards the car but stopped and watched her walk away. As I started the engine and drove away it hit me that I didn't even know her name, and she doesn't know mine either. It's struck me odd.

Two days had passed and my thoughts were becoming confused and I couldn't concentrate on my work so I reported sick for a few days. In these two days, I wandered around the town and country in the car trying to catch sight of her but to no avail. For these two days, she had vanished. It was dark when I drove back to the flat and as I was parking on the opposite of the apartment I saw a figure in the shadows.

I got out of the car, slammed the door and stood to stare at the figure who now was approaching me. It was her as she quickened her pace and once she was face to face with me she kissed him on the cheeks.

"Hello", she said with a smile.

She went to the other side of the car, opened the door and she sat. She hooked the seat belt on. I looked at her and she laughed. I drove away.

That evening she looked different, prettier and sexier. She smelled good too I thought. I asked where were going she didn’t tell me where to take her.

She gave me directions.

When we arrived at the town centre she told me to take the left to a tiny village unknown to me, the narrow lanes and the darkness did not make the journey comfortable but at the end, we arrived in the village and she pointed at a huge house which was standing on its own far away from other buildings.

"You've got a lovely house?" I said to her.

She told me it was not hers and got out of the car, from her small bag she took out a bunch of keys and after pushing the garden gate wide open she stood in front of a huge door which she opened and went in turning at the door waiting for me.

I got out of the car, looked around me several times and walked slowly to the main door where she was waiting. When I was on the doorstep she took my hand and pulled me gently closing the door behind her.

I asked again who owned this house.

"Can't we pretend it's mine?" she replied putting her arms around me kissing me all over and I reciprocated.

I was ever so bewildered with what was happening but I also was enjoying it.


It was dawn when I got out of bed, and I realised that I did not have a dressing gown with me, how could I. She was not in bed, and I thought that she was downstairs preparing breakfast, so I went to the bathroom and had a shower thinking what a beautiful evening I had with her. I went downstairs hoping to find her in the kitchen, but she wasn't there, neither when I looked around the other rooms. Without hesitation I left the house, closing the door behind me and went to the car. As I sat down I saw a piece of white paper stuck under one of the wipers I got out and pulled it. "It was a night to remember. Thank you" said the note, I smiled and drove away. It has been two years now since I had that passionate night with the mystery woman. I never saw her again even though I looked for her for a long time. I still got the note that she left me on the windscreen that night and I still dream about her. And yes I still don’t know what her name was.


One thing for sure the demon was still fast asleep!


I had been seven years living in Wales. Nothing much happened to me out of the ordinary since I moved here. Sometimes I drive past the village and look at the house where I had the pleasure of a woman whom I keep thinking of. I wonder if I would have married her if things didn't turn out the way they did.

My hair was long again, not as long as it uses to be but I was still cleanly shaven. In there I had a few different jobs. I never bothered about a career. I worked so that I can keep myself in comfort. I remember It was Halloween night, I thought that it was appropriate for the demon to wake up. I found out about a pub organizing a Halloween night special. I had never been to this pub before so I thought I was safe and above all, I was going in a costume with my face covered by a mask.

When I arrived at the pub it was packed. I could see all kind of evil characters dancing, kissing, drinking and mucking about. I squeezed myself towards the bar counter and I managed to get double whiskey and soda. I was not one for dancing so I went into a corner and watched the others making fools of themselves. It took some time to spot a woman whom I thought was a bit lost

and looking for someone to join her. I recall she was dressed as Morticia from the Addams Family. I walk towards and stood by her side without saying a word. It didn't take long for her to start a conversation, of which I could not make out half of it because of the noise.

She commented about my costume and I told her that I had made it myself. In fact, I did because I went to a Charity shop and bought a light coloured suit and dyed it purple. Hence the Joker was there talking to this woman. I boasted.

She asked why I didn't join in the dancing, and I said I didn't like it and I was there just for the atmosphere and plenty of drinks. She laughed. She told me that she was a primary school teacher. She taught young pupils between 8 and 10. She asked me how long have I been in Machynlleth since my accent proved not me be Welsh. After a while, I asked her if she would like to go somewhere quiet. She agreed.

I did not want to go anywhere in particular. I just wanted to be alone with her. After driving for a while I asked if she preferred to go to my flat and had a few drinks there and she agreed.


I knew right away that she wanted meaningful sex with me and I'd fulfilled her and good. I had to admit to myself that my dark urges exploded I smothered her with passion, I wanted her to die thinking of what I have done to her previously.

Could she understand or recall when she's being asphyxiated?

In my mind, I hoped she did.


This was the first time that I killed on my premises. It was a different and difficult challenge facing me.

I had decided right there and then, this time I am not going to run away. I have enjoyed living in Wales and I am going to stay put for some time.

The problem facing me now is not a difficult as I have imagined. It so happens that I live on the ground floor so it is more convenient and easier to drag the body to my car.

I did not dress her, disposed of her naked. I burnt both costumes mine and hers so there will be no connection to the pub and the Halloween party.

Where was I going to dump her? That bit confused me a bit but I gave it a good thought and I examined the woodlands on Google for the perfect place I could find.

I arrived Tan y Coed which was easy to find the woodland located immediately off the A487. I had to go uphill through conifer trees and then through an open beech and oak woodland. It then descended to the riverside and which followed the tumbling river back to the car park.

I left the body under one of the conifer trees, placed my signature note on top of her body and covered it as much as I could with dead damp leaves.

I went back to the car and drove away and stopped on Dyfi Bridge. I got out of the car and opened the boot. I took out a black bag packed with our costumes. It was very heavy as I placed six bricks with the clothes so when I threw it on the water it sank quickly. My mission was completed. I drove home poured whiskey in a tumbler and sat down pleased with myself.



I think I will have a break now and give you a respite. See you soon.






(Same as before fifteen minutes later)


Did you ever want to be that child you were once again? I often do. To be a child again I wished forever, only because naps were pleasant, spinning in circles was allowed, and innocence was pure. My childhood ended, when lies ceased to astound me when the world became unfriendly when faced with abuse and molestation and also when I realised, how to live an adult life.


On a treehouse, I wished to be again, with a packet of crisps and a Mars bar, chocolate chip cookies and a fizzy drink, while reading Treasure Island. My mother said I was too childish, wildly enthusiastic, ardent about little things. I embellished, I daydreamed and elaborated, I listened to primitive urges, adventured in the garden, skipped ropes down the road, played football in the streets, breaking window panes. (Laughs) I looked at skies and got soaked with pouring rain. Such times of joy I did achieve, (not always, not when I was polluted by paedophilia).

I had in my hand the greatest creativity, my best work yet, my childhood world renewed, fresh and beautiful, wondrous and exciting, and mind-blowing.

My misfortune came when childhood I lost, losing the instinct of what is beautiful, deprived of awe-inspiring dreams. I became dim. I forgot all the fantasies!


I was a child. I stayed a child at heart! But for that fucking bastard, the paedophile, who enters my memories, for I remember, how he invaded my childhood, spoiled all my happiness, completely.




To catch and kill a paedophile. That was my next on the list.


I am in contact with a man from Wrexham who possessed and distributed indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornography. He also incited children to commit sexual acts.

I found out about him when I poised as a 13-year-old girl and I made an appointment with him to meet in Bellevue Park, bordered by Bradley Road on the west, Ruthin Road on the south.

I went there at 5 pm on Thursday evening. I was supposed to meet him after school. I sat on a bench and after a while, I saw this bald man, thin and short having a long scuffled beard. I saw him walking to and fro many times when I walked towards him and asked him the time. He looked at his mobile and obliged me, obviously, he did wear a watch. (Neither did I).

"Thank you," I said, "You are here to meet me!" I continued.

He said somehow surprised. "Don't worry I am not a paedophile hunter," I said to him. I could see his frightened face. I assured him that I was there to meet him for both our benefits. I explained how I posed as a child to make contact with someone like me. (I also pretended to be one.)

He was not convinced and I told him if I was there to harm him the police would be there already. We sat down, he looked at me and asked me what I wanted with doubtful expressions in his face. I told him if he would like to come and visit my flat only that I lived in Glamorgan. He wasn't going for that instead he asked to meet him the next day bring in my images and go to his house. I agreed to tell him that I shall put my collection on a USB stick. I got up and walked away, looking back several times. He stayed sitting. That night I found myself a small hotel and stayed in it. The next day I went to Argos and bought a memory stick. I had to show him something when I meet him again.

After I had breakfast at McDonald's I went to the park. To my astonishment, he was there sitting on the same bench. I approached and sat beside him. We saluted each other and asked him if he lived far.

He said it wasn’t very far and asked me if I had the images with me. I showed the USB which I stained with grease from the breakfast to make look used.

The man smiled and introduced himself a George."You've got an Irish name" He pointed out. He was wrong about a few minutes away from his house, it took us 18 minutes precisely. We went in and he told me to sit down on his not very clean sofa. I sat and asked me if I wanted tea or coffee.

I said I preferred something stronger. That is why I had two bottles of wine with me. I thought we should cement our friendship with a toast. He was pleased. I could see it in his face. He was blooming with delight. I assumed that he was a lonely guy. He went into another room and came back with two tumblers. (Obviously, he doesn't know how to drink wine properly. I thought.) I screwed the metal top and poured two glasses of red cheap plonk.

"Two us", He said taking me to the other side in a small room where he had the computer. The excitement was too unbearable for me to watch.

On the screen, I watched hundreds upon hundreds of children from 6 to 14 years old. Boys and girls, most of them were indecently exposed. If I wasn't there for one reason I would have left vomiting all over the place. I made myself ignoring all the disgusting details. 

Then what I was expecting, happened. He asked me to give him the USB stick. I didn't hesitate and smiled. I didn't want to make a reaction of any doubt since the USB was empty. He inserted in a slot and double-clicked for the files.


"What is this?" he said a bit angry, explaining to me that the USB was empty.

I swore out loud and told him that I must have picked the wrong one.

Then I reassured him that I will email them for him. I tried to persuade him to politely.  I said, "Listen, George, I don't want any of your images today. When you receive mine do likewise."

He relented and told me that we all make mistakes.

"Have you got anything else?" I asked That was the wrong answer, he boasted about some stuff which he called them to action. He went out of that screen and clicked on another item titled, "Action Station", why I do not know.

He clicked on one item and there he was touching this girl of about ten. I could not take any more. It reminded me clearly how I was treated with the man that abused me many years ago. I saw him enjoying himself in a way a man delight himself with an adult woman.

It wasn't long and I welcomed the ending. I open the other bottle of wine and as I was going to replete his glass he said he had to have a piss first. George left, quickly I took out a small bag from my jacket. It had about 30, 7.5mg of Zopiclone pills crushed in powder and put it in his glass poured the wine stirring it with my forefinger. Two tablets take about an hour to work, I was hoping that with 30 it should faster.

It did indeed. After 20 minutes of drinking the wine, he was fast asleep on his armchair. I took a cushion from the sofa and suffocated him with it. Since he was fast asleep before I placed the cushion I had to take his pulse and listen to his heart. I wanted to make sure he was not of this world any more. He wasn't.

Placing my signature note on the sofa beside him I took the glasses in his kitchen which was very unclean and washed my glass. I went back to the computer and took the USB stick and put it in my pocket. With my handkerchief, I wiped the mouse. I did not touch the keyboard. I placed two boxes of opened Zoplicone packets which I brought with me on the floor with the empty strips. I even put the rest of the pills 16 in all besides the packet. I took his glass carrying carefully with the handkerchief and placed sideways on the floor. One bottle I took it to him, grabbed his right hand and placed his fingers on the bottle and let it fall. I took the other bottle putting it the bag I had with me in the first place and sat on an armchair waiting for the night. When the night came I opened the door slowly and when there was no one around I left the same way we came and then to my car. I drove fast to my flat as the streets were not very busy.

Another retribution was done. I thought

After the paedophile killing the media nicknamed me the pillow killer.

I thought to myself since I wasn't approached by anyone, I knew at present I was safe.

Yet after this latest information, I decided to leave Wales. Though I did not know where to go. Then it hit me. Why don't I go abroad for a year or two?

It was a great idea, a fantastic idea, especially that I know exactly where to go. I packed my bags and I was ready to go. I drove to London and stayed in a hotel for a couple of days to sort out my travel arrangements.

The next morning I was aboard an Air Malta Boeing 737. Malta is a small island where my grandfather was born. I thought it was a good opportunity to live there for a while. I've been told that it wasn't an expensive Island to live in at it was small. There I did not have to work. I had enough savings to last me a while if I was not extravagant.

I also hoped that I behave myself and the demon doesn't push me further while living there.

The demon remained asleep. After 18 months I got bored. A person like me

and an Island like Malta doesn't suit me. It is too small and people come to know you very quickly, even though I kept to myself. I did not make friends with anybody, and the only people who knew me well where the family of this wonderful local restaurant which I went frequently. The restaurant was in St Julians, it was on top of a hilly road by the sea. Their steak was beautiful, and the Maltese red wine was superb.

Before I left I thought I visited them. It was a decent thing to do since they treated me well, although I lied to them saying that I was offered a job in Sunderland and had to leave the country. The father gave me a double whiskey on the house and invited me to go back if I returned.


Two days later I was in Sunderland.


It will take me some time to get used to its surroundings and try and get a job quickly since I had emptied nearly all my savings during my stay in Malta.

But that was no problem for me I am a hard-working man and any job offered I shall take it.


By now I had very long hair and a scruffy beard to go with it. I wasn’t very well mentally and was always sad. When I looked at the mirror I saw him staring me in the eyes, gawking at me intensely, in defiance, while I was in compliance. Behold the Man! Uttered the voice in the mirror, look at me you damn bastard, you are nothing but a lustful murderous tool.


Yet, I dared to gaze at the reflection more, slowly but surely I recognised the form that was staring me in the eyes, it was a pitiful shape, that made my mind exposed to ugliness. I saw a hostile face, bearded and untidy, staring me in the eyes, observing me penetratingly, giving me grief and misery. Then I noticed a tear seeping out, in slow motion; but the stare remained hounded and pursued my feelings, exposing all my failings. At that moment I realised the truth,

the reflection of the man, staring me in the eyes, show me how I have deteriorated displaying the image, in full paramount atrocious glory.


Since that day I followed in Dracula’s footsteps, destroying all that will reflect, the unfaithful mirrors and reflected glass. I wanted nothing that will stare at me in the eyes, until into death hands I capsize and very soon.


(Some muted action)

One night it was raining heavily and I got home soaked from head to toe. In my small apartment, I dried myself had a hot shower. I’ve put a dressing gown on, and went to the kitchen and prepared supper. By this time I had made friends with Caroline, a local woman who worked at the post office. I met her by chance in a pub and since then we've been seeing each other on a regular basis. There was nothing series about, we were just a sensible couple who enjoyed life, being together and have sex. We both accepted that. Anyway, it wasn't a good idea for me to get serious with someone. It was insecure and dangerous.

I was living a normal life. (You know what I mean by now?) I worked during the day and seeing Caroline in the evenings and so on and so forth. I cannot say I was extremely happy, knowing that true happiness never was with me.

One day I met Caroline's friend in a pub. She was of Caroline’s age, more busted and slightly heavier. When she saw Caroline she came and sat beside us and I was introduced to her. From their conversation, I learned Daisy was married to two adolescents. In my eyes, I thought she looked like a tart, not only by the way she dressed but also the way she talked. I did not say much but I noticed her examining every man that passed us or came in. She even was eyeing me but I did not reciprocate.

At Caroline's home while having a drink I asked more about Daisy. What I found out wasn't shocking but wasn’t surprised how her transgressions compared with another woman I cherished most in the past. I wasn't surprised either that my dormant demon woke up instantly, knowing fully that she was my next target. I had to be extra careful about how to meet her and how to complete my mission. I had to be sure that Caroline would never know that I met her when I was still going out with her. This was a difficult task. I was patient enough not to make any errors.

Through Caroline, I found out she worked as a nurse in a local hospital. Stalking her was easy enough. I came to know her duty hours and the time she finished. My plan was that one day I walk the way she goes to the car park and makes her think that we met by chance. But before all this, my relationship with Caroline had to end but not promptly. The excuse I gave her will be that I had found a better job in another town or city.

For the first time also I did not choose Torquay on impulse but through the magic of the internet. From Google, I learned that Torquay is a seaside resort town.

On a weekend trip, I managed to rent a flat on a year contract. I found that the rent was reasonable and there were plenty of jobs available in catering, hoping that my living will be earned that way.

Back in Sunderland, I went to Caroline as usual who promptly asked where I've been in the weekend. At that time her telephone rang and from her conversation, I knew she was talking to Daisy. Caroline told me that she had invited Daisy for dinner the next day. Agreeing with her thinking I thought it was another opportunity to see her again and come to know her better.

The dinner went smoothly, one thing for sure I missed, Caroline's cooking was great. Whether it was luck on my part but every time I looked at Daisy she was eyeing me too. Her eyes were talking to me and I knew that if I try to seduce she won't refuse.

A month after that evening I informed Caroline of my news, telling her of my new job in Bath and that I won't be seeing her again. To my surprise, she reacted badly. I explained to her about our arrangement. No ties. She did not want me to go because she fell in love with me. Tough luck I said to myself.

The next morning I handed my two-week notice. I had to do the right things so as not to arouse any doubts in those who knew me. The time had come. I was ready for Daisy! When I met her I asked her for a drink first, then I made my intentions known. She accepted my invitation for an intimate evening and booked a room in a hotel and asked her to come and meet me there.

It was The Hilton Garden Inn which was close to the city and had over 140 rooms. (Why am I giving this information one might ask. I wanted to find a big busy hotel where one would not be noticed at all.) And also it was near the Stadium of Light, which is the home ground for Sunderland FC. That gave me a better idea to meet her when there's a football match and where the crowd should be enormous and the hotel busier than usual.

By this time I had ended my relationship with Caroline. I was no longer working and waiting patiently for the opportune moment.

The evening came were I drove to the car park near the hospital. I went to a pub nearby and sat there with a pint of beer waiting. When it was time for me to have an accidental meeting Daisy came. I walked out of the pub, walked nearby the entrance of the hospital and waited. There she was as I thought, she walked towards the car park. Although I have no fetish about women in uniform I found her very sensual indeed dressed as a nurse especially hers was quite a tight fit.

Then I walked in front of her and she stopped looking amazed. That is how I hooked her.

It was Saturday and Sunderland FC was playing Newcastle. A derby that packed the stadium and the hotel too.

I registered under a false name, wore very dark glasses, a black beanie to cover my longhair. On top of my clothes, I wore a long black coat which I fastened to the neck with the collar turned up. (I thought I looked like a gangster from an Italian film.) With me, I had a medium-sized bag with casual clothes to put on after the deed was done and leave the premises. (Pause)

There was a subtle knock on the door, I opened it and in she came.

It didn’t take me long to conquer her and in moments she was naked in my hands.

She was helpless against the ambush of my lips. Defenceless against the probing of my tongue and with a sobbing moan she surrendered. Instantly with all the desires, with all her longings, with all her requirements of her adulterous body could provide, she leaned onto me growling at my sensuality.

I slammed into her again and again. Giving her no mercy she cried out with each thrust and with each forceful lunge, I felt her will fall away. She was powerless to do anything else. She was so good in fucking that I had no desire to end it. Surprisingly she did not say much, except for her sexual sounds which sounded like a The Troggs singing, "Give it to me!"

This time I wanted to conquer her death. I did not want just to asphyxiate. I went and poured more whiskeys in the glasses spiked hers with a powerful stimulant and gave it to her. After a while, she started to feel dozy.…

I remember the words I used.

"There you are, in a position I like best. I've been looking for you since I was eight years old. Whenever I should have lived a normal childhood life, instead it was stained with sexual scenes you had provided me with. Look at me now. Look what happened to me. Look at me and see what you have created."


With that speech which she was unable to understand I picked a pillow and planted it onto her face pushing very hard. Her arms and her legs were fighting me like hell yet they made me press harder and harder until the ferocious movements came to nothing. Pulling the pillow away from her pale frightened face I looked at her without sympathy. Unruffled I went to my jacket took out the note and placed it beside her. As I sat on the edge of the bed my mind became confused.

Why did I say those words to her? Why did I speak like that to her? When I was eight she was nowhere around. Then I realised what happened to me then started to take over my mind with extra force. Why did I think it was she was the other woman? Why did I assume she was the only one I was killing when I truly loved and adored?


This is my sixth killing.  When I killed the other five my mind was only thinking of revenge not explicitly knowing why I was doing it. This woman from the first time since I met her it reminded me so clearly of the woman. I am sure that is the only reason and I did not want to dwell on it any more.


After Torquay, I had been to Liverpool a few months when I met Grace. I did not quite settle yet and had no job. Gracey was a lovely woman in her thirties, brunette and very tall. Taller than me. I met her in a pub, where else. The pub is my day's entertainment. Before she joined me she was with three other women on the other side of my table. I could see they were enjoying themselves, they were quite loud. I saw them get up from their seats to leave the pub which they did except Grace who went and sat at the counter by herself. She ordered another drink and had it slowly. After a while, I went for another drink too. I went near her on purpose. I've ordered a whiskey and asked if she would like another drink. She got up from the stool and carried her glass to where I was sitting. We talked a lot but only ordinary subjects nothing about ourselves and for a change, I enjoyed the conversation which on her part I thought she was very sensible and intelligent too. After a while and few more drinks I asked her if would like to come with me for a drink at my apartment and she agreed. Even though I had not been here long the demon was still awake and quite persistent.

After making love to her something happened. For the first time, I felt a warm emotion toward her. I liked her. Perhaps because I loved the way she was talking to me. She was quite beautiful too, her faced sparkled and her eyes were exquisitely blue. I also enjoyed making love to her, I really enjoyed it, it was not just lusting out of revenge. It was something else which for some reason I couldn't explain.

I went to her bathroom without saying a word. I splashed my face with cold water several times. I went back to the bedroom and now she was sitting up brushing her hair smiling!

I washed thoroughly and dried myself. Went back to the bedroom and without looking at her I dressed up quickly. I look at her and she asked to go beside her. I didn't move instead I said I had to go and maybe I see her another time. I left quickly slamming the door behind me. Went into the car angrily and drove away as fast as I could. I stopped about two miles away and lit a cigarette.

I tried to sleep in my car but I couldn't. Instead, I went home opened a bottle of red wine and took it with me to the bedroom. I poured a glass and sat on the bed with my back to the headboard. I kept drinking and smoking for a while. Then I switched the lights off and tried to sleep. I had difficulty sleeping, mainly because I kept thinking of that woman. I was angry with myself. I hoped that for the first time I wasn't falling for someone. That was crazy I said to myself.

The next morning I woke with a headache, another unusual thing. I was also disgusted with myself as I slept with my clothes on.

I went for a long drive. At about lunchtime, I stopped at a pub and I had something to eat. I did not look at anybody except for the food and the bottle of wine I had in front of me. I just wanted to be by myself.

After lunch I drove back to town, it was about half-past three. I parked the car in an appropriate place and walked to a very popular pub. In there I ordered a whiskey and went to sit on an empty table. I stood there for some hours, I was on my fourth whisky when I saw her coming in.

I tried to avoid her by putting my head down but she saw me and came towards me. Gracey was surprised to see me in the bar but not as surprised and shocked as me.

I drank the rest of my whiskey quickly and left in a hurry. I arrived home at about 6 pm. I wasn't hungry. I turned on the computer and decided to play some poker on one of the sites I have used it a played lot to pass the time away. That's how that day ended. I never saw that woman again. I did my best to forget I ever met her and I succeeded.

Six months passed and one day as I was driving around I drove past a small hotel and at a glimpse I noticed from the huge window that the bar was busy. I stopped the car looked again and decided to go in. I parked a few yards away and went in. I sat by the counter and ordered a pint. To tell the truth, I did not look at anybody, I had my head down and was deep in thought when a lady few stools away from me asked me if I always drank alone. I looked up and I acknowledged to cut the conversation short. She kept talking and I listened, when I looked at her she was a pretty brunette small and sensual. After a while she went to the bathroom, instantly the barman came towards me and told me in private that she was an escort girl. He made me promise not to tell I said so or he can get the sack. I thanked and promised him.

She asked if I wanted to go to her place you like to come to my place? I looked at her and played the innocent and asked her for what. She only wanted to have some fun, she said and asked me to follow her.

I followed her for about fifteen minutes when she slowed down and entered a parking area belonging to a huge apartment block. She had a two-bedroom flat, well furnished with beautiful things. I sat on a comfortable sofa as she went to a cabinet and started to pour the drinks. She came back with a generous glass of whiskey and a long tumbler with gin for her.

She asked me if I wanted a few hours or all night long. She looked at me to see what my reaction would be. I did not react.


Yet the more she mumbled on the more I enjoyed it. I knew this killing is definitely going to be different. She's a whore after all. A whore is a whore, whatever the title they give them now.


All I know was she was for a treat and the demon knew it. I smiled a big smile She wanted the money in advance, and as a joke, I said do you take Barclays.

I paid her and she went to which I assumed it was her private bedroom.

I finished my drink and invited me to another room, a very lush, colourful but dim-lit room with a kingsize bed.


The sounds she made were glorious sounds which were music to my ears.

Her body was quite a toy to play with, so hot, and so sweaty I touched her in right places, she responded with most gracious movements. She was raw, intense, and her skin was absolutely delicious which made my pleasure unique. Yet I did not penetrate her, she was a whore after all. So as I was thrusting I place my hands around her neck, slowly ever so slowly I pressed and pressed until I was satisfied with my position and with one final burst I squeezed and squeezed, her legs were fighting like a mad, her hands stretched out to my shoulders trying to release my body from her. I thought I was not going to make it. Although she was small her strength was overpowering. I did not give in to her and with my right hand quickly loosened I gave a good punch on the head which made her unconscious. I stopped for a while and took a breather.

I took control of myself again and grabbed the pillow from under her head and ended the job.


I lifted the pillow and her face was blank, her mouth wide open and her eyes popped out as though their stare were making me feel weak. But I was not weak, I was always in control against my enemy.

I did not bother to clean out anything, I dressed quickly, went out of the room and filled a tumbler with neat whiskey and sat down on the sofa drinking it at my leisure. Before I left her apartment I went back to the room I looked at her with pride and placed the signature, not on her chest.


I thought about the money I gave her but decided to leave. "I didn't need it after all. The agony of my heart found solace in one long last cry. Was it important to see myself as I really was and am? My will was no longer mine. It was taken away by hate. Now it is time I pay for my misdemeanours, I call it payback time. I thought my loneliness was repentance for the misdeeds of the woman and atrocities of the paedophile. Instead, it made me weak and vulnerable.

Hatred is malicious, harmful and revolting. I know that now. My hate for women and paedophiles sent me to near insanity and made me a killer.

The hate within me spoke to me. I could feel the words in mind.......

The words were clear in my mind as though they were written in a book. Yet I had no book and neither a paper in my hand to read from.

I realized that hate is very powerful.

"You must avenge her." the words said, "She was weak that is why she did what she did. She loved you with all her heart, but the temptation was great. She couldn't refuse the gifts coming so easy for such a simple deed."

Those words in my mind urged me to kill. In my mind, she was innocent of her doings.

The thoughts I felt, in the beginning, was like madness. I assumed that the inclinations of revenge were only a mere few seconds of vengeance. For a few days, I not only thought of revenge but also dreamt about it. When the time arrived and planned the first kill I was 26 years old.

It all started when I was a child of eight. The details of how, why and what reason were important to my story and my demise.

All I know since that early time my mind, only saw pain, abuse, and destruction.

I have seen my mother being used by a man who was not my father. (My father was a good hard-working man.) But him, the seducer of my mum, and, a paedophile, ten years my senior who abused me sexually for many years compelled me first in my mind and then to reality. All that I have done until now was inspired me to become what I am..

Every woman I saw, any paedophiles I have encountered were my enemies. They were a stain in my heart, a stain which I had to remove and quickly. (So I thought). The stain did not vanish, I can still see it, I can feel it corrupting my heart and my mind, more and more without respite.

(Now the nooses falls back down)

I am staring at the noose which I have created for my own neck.

The end, my end is nigh.

I had achieved my goal.

(He pours a full tumbler of whiskey and drinks in one go. He walks to the chair and moves it under the noose, he stands on it, from his pocket he takes a paper and sticks it to his top. He put his the noose around his neck, steadies himself)

I am not frightened, neither am I sad. Mother this is for you!

(He kicks the stool from under his feet)








(In the darkness we hear a voice, not his)

In 25 years 6 women and a man between the ages of 26 and 45 were murdered in the United Kingdom. Except for the male all the victims had a sexual relationship with the killer prior to being asphyxiated in their apartments and some in hotels by what was assumed to be one man. With no sign of forced entry into their homes, the women were assumed to have let their assailant in, either because they knew him or because they invited him in after they were on a date with him...  Amid the mounting unrest, presumably discouraged women from admitting strangers into their homes.

The murders occurred in several cities, in England, Wales, and Scotland. This made it unclear who the perpetrator was and from where he came.

The police were convinced that all these murders were the actions of one person, alias the Pillow Killer.




The news read. (Read as in the past)

A body of a fifty-two-year-old man was found strangled at his home in Sunderland. Pinned to his shirt was a note written by a red felt pen.

It stated

"I am the Pillow Killer who left notes beside my victims. SMOTHER!

I thought it was an appropriate title as within it there is the word Mother.

She was the cause of my ultimate behaviour.”