Is Love Forbidden?


Listening to the sound of the waves

As the angry sea manipulates

Without uttering a word in a void

While the wind caresses and penetrates.


Like carnation flowers,

Dancing with the breeze;

Bathing in rainwater,

Love overrides with ease.


For you are my love ...

Only you and forever you

Fondling within my heart

I invent this love true and through.


Come and join me in fervour,

The imagination of you surrounds;

I want you but I don’t know you,

I think my love is out of bounds.

My Winning Ticket


ball after ball picked,

fevered with expectations

my numbers are up

hip hip hooray am I rich

winner with twenty others

A Delusion of Love Uninterrupted


Cuddled and warm

Fondled and loved

Embraced by an illusion

My emotions gloved.


Feeling warm and cuddled,

Being loved and fondled

By an illusion embraced;

Gloved are my emotions, muddled.


A delusion of love uninterrupted,

Forever in my dreams, she inhabits;

Whomever she is I’m fulfilled,

my heart fantasy love exhibits.