This collection of poems is about life, love, and the everyday things that gone on in a person's life.

To me poems are not always fancy, in thymes or abstract words moulded together to make a story, it is more like voicing one's opinion about what is in the heart and how strongly you feel about it. Writing poetry it can bring happiness, anguish, or sadness.

I found my favourite poem in this collection is "Unfulfilled Love". This poem spoke volumes to me, this is very much how I feel about my life at the present time.

I would highly recommend this book to all poetry lovers everywhere. It can trigger memories, thoughts and bring to surface things you may not want to think about, but at times it's these thoughts we need to come to peace in our hearts.

It is an excellent collection of poems by Alfred Vassallo, regarding aging, love, death, and more important truth. It will remind us that at different levels of our life it's good to simply voice our madness on paper about what we like and don't like about life in general and learn from our past and present and continue with our walk with life and try not to forget to enjoy life to the fullest.