Let’s Not Hesitate 


The day I met you was it my fate?

I opened my eyes and you were there;

Like the sun in the morning sky blazing,

Filling my lonely heart with fresh air.


Whenever I hear that song you like so much,

I want to memorise it so I can sing it to you;

When sadness approaches I cheer you up

Can you hear my heart it beats slowly too?


In the passing days, my heart desired,

It wants to make love to you sincerely;

Just take look at me and see the yearning;

This is not lust but an eager love so dearly.


Even when the flowers bloom and wither,

My love instead grows deeper and deeper;

Let’s make love and feel our through emotions,

And let the flow and become steeper.

A Request From An Ordinary Man 


Cry for joy happiness is our strength;
Shout aloud to the freedom we yearn so much; 
Sing to the music, 
Play the instrument of respect and love, 
With melodious words and rhythm. 

Sound the voice humanity at rejoicing,
When the heart is full of humanness, 
That will be the day of our victory; 
This is the declaration of my heart, 
an appointment with me, an ordinary man
Who was down in the pit of hell and rose joyfully.

I heard an unknown clash of thunder 
I removed the vexation from within; 
My hands were cleansed from the filth of ambition
In my suffering, I called upon love,
I was rescued.
My heart answered out,
But my mind tested me with desires of lust
Without warning, I was faced by fornication.
Easy plated on a golden plate, 
It was given to me by hateful desires……
Yet I did not fall again into the pit,
I stood tall and preached equality and justice,
Love and respect. 

Play with me I have instruments of love,
Join my band of freedom singers,
Subscribe to the choir of tolerance,
Become a member of fairness……
Become a human being once again.


With a nonchalant face and pose,
Even if she tries to pretend not to;
She cannot hide her magnificent body,
Without being lonesome and blue.
Even when bad days come and go,
Sometimes even when endeavours come;
Your stern sensual body standstill
It will be able to mature and overcome. 
Men and also women enjoy the sight,
Her smile and her sensuality arouses;
She will always be by someone’s side,
Down goes the knickers and trousers.

The ebony body strikes the stimulation,
It gives her the power to copulate;
Giving lovemaking another meaning;
An exquisite name other than fornicate.

With bare breasts and crossed legs,
She gives me a sense of expectation;
Would I be tempted at first sight,
I’m sure I’ll be filled with anticipation.

Memories To Remember 


My old house, my old home.

The old trees got rid of their suckers out dead branches,

The vegetable garden prospered,

Rabbits in their comfortable hutches were well-nourished;

On the other side, the chickens ran wild,

Lacking neither air nor sun;


My old neighbourhood;

A row of houses whose greyness remained of my old village

The road was paved and not tarred.

To the west, there was a valley,

It had parapets of magnificent old trees.


Those days I was young and frivolous,

Making mischief along with my neighbours children;

It was the time were innocence ruled our hearts;

Yet living there gave me suffering,

I lost both my parents,

My young sister,

And my beloved friend Alsation.


Memories to remember,

Never to forget;

Along with the sadness and joy.