The Observer

The Wife

Her Husband

The Mother

Her Child

The Psychiatrist

The Unknown Friend



The Councillor

The Woman

The Blonde Woman

The Rastafarian Man




An entrance to a town library. Showing public door,

two seats and other small appropriate decorations.

(Like a stand with New Books)



The present



Good evening everyone. Welcome to the local library.

Did you know that any library that exists hold too many real-life tales?

One only has to be patient and listen.

By the way, I am the observer, and today I am here to observe life as it is lived.

Why am I here you may ask?

Did you ask me? Right whether you did or not I am going to tell you.

you came here the see what’s going to happen in observing life.

When I was walking down from the bus stop to here, I had a weird idea.

So weird I still don’t know if I can really do it. I thought once I get hold of the book, instead of returning home, I will stand still here…..
(He jumps to the side of the main door)
And stand still, like a statue, without movements and emotions for maybe an hour or two.

I also like to observe people so this idea will give me a great opportunity to study individuals

as they come and go. I must also tell you that this idea came when a few years ago when

I was celebrating the 25th anniversary of my marriage I took my wife to Venice.

I was surprised as we walked by the promenade to see many artists standing as a character without moving,

There was Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, some exotic characters from their Carnival and so on.

Honestly, they were amazing, you can take a selfie with them, talk to them,

but they never move an inch or talk. Now that was very educational, wasn’t it?
I know it is a huge task but as many say if you don’t try you won’t succeed.
So here I am ready for action, or to be precise for no action at all.