A WHORE                        
A WIFE                            
A RACIST                        
A PRIEST        
A KILLER                        
A PRIME MINISTER                    

(The scenery represents the aftermath of a nuclear war.

The scene is the debris of a large building in a large city of any country.

It is judgement day for six individual characters )


The Future


Ladies and gentlemen one way or another the six individuals

buried under this rubble have committed crimes against humanity. 
All of you are going to hear from these individuals and all the wrongdoings

they did in their lives without realising that in life there was beauty.

The best and most beautiful things in the world could not be seen or even touched by them.

Loving another human being was like a beautiful flower which one could not touch,

but whose fragrance made the garden a place of delight just the same. 


No matter what had happened to them in the past it had no power to keep them from having

an amazingly good future, but they failed to do so completely. If they chose to be positive

and had a grateful attitude they would have determined how they were going to live their lives.