In one room on the first floor, a soldier dressed in his combat uniform, sitting on a chair by a half-closed window, prying through it by large binoculars. Obviously, he is searching for the enemy.

Next to this room, another one belongs to the nurse who also is in her uniform looking after a baby (a large doll).

Opposite is the room of a policewoman in uniform, she is on her walkie-talkie having a conversion with a colleague staking a crime.

Downstairs we find a builder in his overalls and a cap sitting on a stool by the bar counter, on it are many empty bottles of beer and one empty pint glass in his hands. He is talking to himself.

In a room downstairs we find a postman in uniform too,  but he's lying on a bed with an Adult Sex Doll as though he is making love to it.

And the story goes........