She Was Downtrodden and Oppressed

The good news lifted her spirit,

On high, she felt courage,

All her troubles have been blown away

High far up and up….

Like a balloon escaping by heavy wind,

Freshen her life,

She was betrayed,


And condemned.


Now she has been set free,

She was justified,

Her ordeal is over,

Innocent she was found,

But the grave experience hit hard.,

Mistrust had poisoned her feelings.


Her future looks very bright,

Freedom had a huge impact on her;


From The Juice Of The Grapes

From white to red grapes, either dry or sweet,

In cask than in bottles corked or with screw tap;

A glass does nicely with something to eat.


Good vintage should be found in a regional map,

In France and in Italy wine produced all year round;

A bottle with lunch and after a restful nap.


Merlot and Chianti, reds, and are as good as they sound;

Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon, whites, and chilled;

Be careful drink not too much or fall to the ground.


As for me with one bottle I’m definitely not fulfilled;

Two or three bottles should be more than enough;

One must be sober a bit, we don’t want it spilled.


Do not drink too much, stop when you had enough,

There’s a saying; In vino veritas, in wine lies the truth;

When you had too much wine surely you’ll feel rough,

Unless you’re an alcoholic like me and you’re tough.