Marisa rated it *****

I was sent an e-copy of this book by the Publisher. I have to admit I had never reviewed a book of poetry and though I absolutely love poetry and the many meanings it has behind it as it seems as though most who write it write through genuine emotion. My own poems are often dark and depressing.

That said I read this book cover to cover with ease though it wasn’t the easiest to wrap my mind around, perhaps because I don’t understand love or maybe I just don’t understand love in this way.

These poems are hopeful yet somewhat dark and at times even morbid which made me feel for the author. Hope comes from several of the poems in less obvious ways. He hopes to spend eternity with the one he loves. He hopes to enjoy the holidays together. He hopes to enjoy a life full of love. However, this love is somewhat morbid and almost desperate.

One poem specifically stands out to me and that is “Hidden Love” which speaks about hiding his love in a secret place that only he knows about and then spending eternity with his love.

This could easily be analyzed to mean precisely what it says which (paraphrased) is that he has taken her body and hidden it away where only he knows how to find it and that he will also die there to be with her for eternity.

It could also be looked at in a different manner, the way poems often are as they are symbolic. The deep place in which he keeps her could be the depths of his soul or the caverns within his heart, holding her there for the remainder of his life until he passes on and their souls can be together eternally as they were meant to be.

Or, it could also be read to mean that he is still searching for the one he loves as he searches “amongst a maze of tunnels” and that regardless of when he finds his love or when he loses his love that the love will continue on for eternity. This then brings this poem from somewhat morbid on the surface to something rather deep and almost sad as the author waits.

I think this book would make any poetry lover swoon as it lacks normal poetic “rules” and is written in the raw and allows our minds to read and re-read from different angles based on our emotions at the time.

I am fairly certain this book will be on my e-reader for a long time and I will have read it over and over again as I move through love, life and loss. Due to the way this book is written even a person who doesn’t enjoy or understand the different depths of poetry could read this and not be confused by rhythm or rhyme and instead just allow themselves to absorb, feel and reflect.

I commented to a friend when I began reading this book that it seemed rather “creepy” but once I quit reading word for word and started to read it on a deeper level I came to realize that these poems appeared darker than they actually were and that the strength of the words used was likely used to put forth the intensity of the love the author keeps deep in his soul, which is beautiful in a rather profound way.

I am excited to read more from this publisher and this author in the future. I give this book a high recommendation to nearly all people old and young.