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Defeating racism, 
Break tribalism, 
Removing intolerance 
Vanish all forms of discrimination!

Dreaming like this would have liberated us all, 
Victim and perpetrator alike.

Our struggle against patriarchy and racism,
It is huge and intolerable,
It should have been substantively robust and inextricably intertwined
Racism stayed with us and ended with us forever. 

Human beings were and are born like this. 
But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they had to meet, 
And, we shall overcome. 

Although slavery may have been abolished,
The crippling poison of racism persists,
The struggle continued. 
The scars and stains of racism are still deeply embedded in human blood. 
No one could delete racism. 
It is like alcohol. 
You couldn’t stop drinking if you didn't want to, 
and you couldn’t stop racism if people didn't want to. 

Education is the key solution to change, 
For peace, 
Help in the fight against racism and discrimination in general. 
Racism Is one of the worst forms of torture 
Because it is directed at something we never ask for And something we cannot change. 
There is one  problem,
All generations are pacified into believing that racism existed only in our history books. 
There was no point in fighting racism with racism;
The best way to fight racism is with solidarity

Being a father myself, 
What my interpretation of love was, 
Or the essence of love is,  
I couldn’t apply it to other things when it came to racism, 
public lies, 
And human rights,
I have not abhorred the thought of it  
I thought my responsibility as a father was to confront,
Tackle those who were abusing power to manipulate people.
I love all the colours of the skin, 
Not like those so-called good people who gain from the poor, 
But they don’t admit it. 
There was power in naming greed for what it was, 
In shining a bright light on it, 
Brighter than any torch or flashlight.
A thing as simple as naming it,
It allowed them to root it out of the darkness 
Hushed conversation in the open. 
People were able to breed like cockroaches. 
It made them acknowledge it and not confront it

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