I Saw I Felt and I Used

Yesterday I saw,
Today I felt
Tomorrow I shall use.......
.....what's under my belt.

Yesterday she was a virgin,
Today I kissed her;
Tomorrow shell' be mine,
Deflowering occur.....

The future unknown,
maybe will marry,
have many children,
and will be happy!

From Here To Eternity

In time for departure,
The box is packed;
It is ready to go,
Nothing to be tracked.

Unexpected booking,
The reaper gifted the prize;
A winning ticket to boost;
It came as a big surprise.

The normality of the day,
Outside watering the flowers;
Pains came to the left arm,
The heart stopped and lost its powers.

My body in the coffin.
I am ready to go;
No time to say goodbye,
The funeral ready for the show.

Do not bring flowers,
Keep the tears away;
This holiday I need,
That’s all I have to say.

A Salacious Relationship

I fell for her charm quickly,
From the start it was a salacious relationship;
She has just split up with her boyfriend,
Because he angrily bit her on the lip.

I became very attached to her,
While she greeted me warmly;
She was beautiful and horny,
And very sexy to a certain degree.

I wanted to make love to her,
So I planted the idea to her mind;
My plan was carefully constructed,
The seduction was one of a kind;

Into a bed we slipped;
Her body was fully equipped;
I too was hugely bestowed,
Where our lustful deeds flowed.