In Solemn Dreams


As the white lilies scent fills the bedroom,

The light of the moon fills my heart;

I dream of the universe,

I see stars distributed everywhere.


Like fireflies in dark My heart lights up

I’m still dreaming and the planets approach;

Mt emotions are caught between heaven and hell,

In grief my life becomes empty,

the dream passes by!



round cookies

some whole others crumbled

tasty and nourishes as they can be

like breasts so succulent so tender..…



maybe I will be dead


I’ll make the most of it.

Today's Poem


The time of tolerance,

love and take the chance;

forget hatred and be wise,

don't judge with your eyes.


Share respect and be humane,

being unkind to others is all in vain;

do not throw stones,

you're in the same both as Tom Smith and Tom Jones.


A man had a dream,

If he was still alive now he'll scream.