In Dreams

by my side she stands

her slim body now naked

that will be the day


Shadows of Tomorrow

Indistinct and gloomy shadows I perceive,

They follow me and apprehensiveness I receive;


These are coming through from an eventful time,
Phantasms are so dark they can lead me to a bizarre crime.


Shadows of tomorrow

Surely come with sorrow.


There Is No Love Only Chagrin

My world is crashing down on my precious jewels,
I stand nowhere, only in a nuisance centre;
I am a drifter at heart and doesn't obey rules,
In my life I always had a fucking tormentor.


My body is a dustbin where all the trash goes in,
I am convinced that I shall remain the same;
There is no hatred, there is no love only chagrin,

Then again I know this and I don’t give anyone the blame.


How nice is it to make love when I’m depressed,

The fornicate without respite until I’m dead;

How nice is it to fuck for a long time, until she’s suppressed,

While a smile with satisfaction as I lift my head.


There is no cold love only degenerate cold passion,

Nothing is important only the smell of the bodies as they sweat;

Shall I find another one female subject and fuck her in seclusion,

They say love goes a long way, not for me unless she gets very wet.

As for me who is already crazy, I know what I want,
My unconsciousness heart is without sexual morality;
There is no hatred, there is no love only I’m nonchalant,

Of this is what I accept and believe, this is my reality.