All Soul's Sacrifice

All soul’s sacrifice

anniversary of a death

flowers in action



the bereaved remember well

symbol of the dead


an era of fate

the blonde girl was sacrificed

their god was happy


a ritual killing

for the sake of tradition

the rainfall cometh


their field lands are dry

one sacrifice too many

glad I am not blonde


Enough Is Enough

The time has come,

I have had enough,

The noose is ready;

My life has been tough.


In a Suicide

Piano keys are heard

the dark notes described the mood

behind the instrument on a stool a young lady......


She's playing a requiem

not because someone died,

because someone is about to die.....


Her days are limited

standing by the railway lines,

she'll be gone soon.


Apple Crumble

a pair of apples

they hang ready to be picked

a crumble waiting