A Request From An Ordinary Man


Cry for joy happiness is our strength;

Shout aloud to the freedom we yearn so much;

Sing to the music,

Play the instrument of respect and love,

With melodious words and rhythm.


Sound the voice humanity at rejoicing,

When the heart is full of humanness,

That will be the day of our victory;

This is the declaration of my heart,

an appointment with me, an ordinary man

Who was down in the pit of hell and rose joyfully.


I heard an unknown clash of thunder

I removed the vexation from within;

My hands were cleansed from the filth of ambition

In my suffering, I called upon love,

I was rescued.


My heart answered out,

But my mind tested me with desires of lust

Without warning, I was faced by fornication.

Easy plated on a golden plate,

It was given to me by hateful desires……

Yet I did not fall again into the pit,

I stood tall and preached equality and justice,

Love and respect.


Play with me I have instruments of love,

Join my band of freedom singers,

Subscribe to the choir of tolerance,

Become a member of fairness……

Become a human being once again.


The World Is Not Enough


Like that sun, you shine by my side,

Will you shine for me again tomorrow

Don't leave me and give me sorrow;

Even though the nights' abide,

You approach me like a dream

My name I hear you scream;

I'll look back with pride,

For you, the world is not enough

even though the nights are tough;

From you, I shall never hide.



in an awkward atmosphere, I am

being scrutinised by the strangeness

I’m not laughing at this time

yet I am embarrassed

by mediocrity

So I pretend

to be sane