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If I were to be jinxed by someone, means I am about to become unlucky; the malevolent force will pursue me until I am condemned to a state of supreme misery and comfort. Black magic draws on malicious powers used for malevolent acts to deliberately harm in some way. It also refers to the forces of darkness adoring the devil as part of the ritual. The curse brings about horrendous times for the person to whom it is directed; it also brings dissension and despair into an existing relationship that cannot be repaired. The evil eye is a belief that envy evoked by people may cause misfortune to others; it is also believed that some can bestow a curse on victims by the mischievous purposes of the gaze of their eye. To hex, somebody is to bewitch the person with a symbol of bad luck, to have a bad effect on something precious to the person you want to harm. The nemesis, a power of retribution and vengeance which afflicts, harasses and commits an evil influence over any being. 49
When it comes to voodoo, a religious cult involving witchcraft, the communication by trance to make people zombies; is a belief. Now if we believe all these things I seriously suggest that we should seek psychiatric help quickly, otherwise we will lose our marbles because this is all hullabaloo and it will surely turn us into a junkie or alcoholics. Jinx! Utter nonsense. May the foolish be rewarded fully because once realising in what state these fools get involved in, they won’t have even look at another mirror, otherwise, all they will see is another face with horns and darkened red eyes. Jinx? Am I jinxed after all?

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