Said the alien to the Stranger

The alien gave a warning to a wee man,

a giant of an alien threatened;

what the hell are you doing here?

Exploring was the answer in a split second.


It asked about his attire;

thinking he was going on fire;

It doesn't exist on this planet,

Take it off or I shall call you Janet!


I don't know if your air is suitable,

your questions are not commutable!

Don't talk to me with these long words,

My language is mightier than swords.


Go back to where you came from,

And if you return come with a better solution form.


Tell Me The Whole Truth

Love is not for you anymore,

not like it was before;

Discarded me off, outside your door.

And I’m sore.

I don't feel your love in my heart,

for we are apart,

Knowing we cannot restart.


Tell me the whole truth,

I know you became uncouth;

Feeling the pains from the wisdom tooth.

The heart knows well,

you have placed me in hell;

cursed with a romantic spell,

Drowned me in an abandoned well.


All I want are true explanations,

remember the summer interactions?

Making love with all our satisfactions? T

hen we had no distractions.


Only the truth I want,

For the past few days,

you became damned nonchalant,

If you still remember our favourite restaurant,

were we had love to flaunt?

For the memories I loved,

I in your heart I was beloved,

now my precious dreams a forever gloved.

She Wants I Want

a day out shopping

with my wife

who has no money


I craved to buy food

She said no

wanted to buy thongs