I was just eight years old,
My mother gave me a bit of toilet advice;
Instead of asking to have a pee, say I want to whistle;
In truth, I don't think that was wise.

Few months passed and it was the middle of the night;
I was bursting for a pee if I wet myself I'll be in tears;
I went to mother, "Mum, mum I need to whistle quickly",
Mother half asleep told to go and whistle in my father's ears.

I did it with straight away
My father went astray!


Syringa Vulgaris

Syringa vulgaris, Lilacs in the common title,

Native to the Balkan Peninsula, it's most vital.


A flower that grows on rocky hills;

where to the weather it never chills;

a very popular ornamental plant in a garden,

unlike a rose garden doesn't need a pardon.


Lilacs a sweet-scented blossom dwells,

perfume the air with sublime smells;

bed of buds abloom a scene for a painter,

to my girlfriend, a bunch will do to tempt her.


Like a Buffoon

The face that I see with my eyes,

The heart I feel spread tears which are sore;

Frightened I am for the suffering is great;

Like my love which is anxious as it was before!


"Don't leave me" the tongue speaks out loud,

These words are crying out to your hardened heart;

Don't let me go back to my disillusioned life,

Don't disappear again let us have a fresh start.


Don’t let me cry you know I'm going to be lonely,

I want to lean on your shoulder once again;

Like the old days, I want to be by your side,

Will, I will be able to play with your body and relieve the pain?


I can feel the separation coming soon,

You treated me always like a clown, a buffoon.


The End Is Mine

end of my tether,

soon be blown off

like a dove's feather.

A Shih Tzu Pet

A Shih Tzu dog who was too cute,

He is a strong and handsome brute;

Loves his good master,

Filled with disaster,

Shits every place and gets the boot.


Georgie is my beloved dog,

He is as hungry as a hog;

Is a toy dog breed,

Obeying he takes heed,

With me in the park loves to jog.