In The Mouth of Madness


I’m no great originator or a mastermind

Neither am I a famous poet or a writer;

But with some touch of pure madness.

I have intellect, I’m a conciever, a creator.


I was and am in love, always shall be

Being like this I have some reason in madness;

Being with the women I adored since then

In my morbid life I have found sadness.


The essential truth shall eventually comes out

I'm losing my muse perhaps never had it at all;

I am going true a mental block or so it seems

Having my madness I’m never great but small.


What is intelligence without the know-how,

Having great knowledge of words is it virtue?

Possibly the distrusted mind has its folly,

The madness within it speaks out true.


In the mouth of madness I exist,

It allows pain and much suffering;

To write good or bad I cannot resist

My mind is beyond understanding.



The title was inspired by John' Carpenters film of the same title. In the Mouth of Madness is a 1994 American horror film directed and scored by John Carpenter and written by Michael De Luca. It stars Sam Neill, Julie Carmen, Jürgen Prochnow, David Warner, and Charlton Heston. Informally, the film is the third installment in Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy, preceded by The Thing and Prince of Darkness. 


Four Senses Caved In


There’s ears which hear a lot

Eyes noticing everything;

As tongue that speaks plenty

The nose smells our befall.


Blocked ears for a purpose

Blinded eyes not witnessing;

No audible talking from the tongue

The scents from the nose passing.


Ignorance tells the whole story

Truth becomes seditious and inflammatory.

Quality of Mercy


The aspect of true benevolence

Without the affirmation of malevolence;

A cross between calk and cheese

Stop aggrivaring everyone please!


A character consumed by forgiveness

With the other heart sucked by meanness;

The unique factor between white and black

The evilness of the foe becomes a drawback.


Sooner rather than later one must have tolerance

Must fill own heart with a certain measure of resistance;

The enemy shall shatter target the affirmation

Believing in his own scrupulous condition.


Nothing to do with mercilessness or cruelty

Not as tasty as a cup of coffee or a mug of tea;

Benignancy and graciousness outways intolerance

It shall devour avarice, iniquity and dominance.


A kind heart is filled with commiseration

An evil one must be contented with vexation;

Goodwill, grace, leniency and pity dominates

With this in mind the heart with love accumulates.


Quality of mercy is beyond anything that lives

For whatever reason, it has the ability to forgives.