Brotherhood of the Wolf

a stroke on its head
a wolf enjoying its sleep
no harm feelings
for the mistress is kind
no Ill health shall befall it
it is kept in safe hands

might be an example
dog owners to take heed
stop cruelty to animals

Not To Be Rewind

It was then and not now
the good times passed quickly
nothing to lose except love,
she has gone to meet the maker,
I am all alone hoping for the good times to come by again

Words To Excite

The mind works,
the heart stimulates;
the words flow
as sentences are written and verses simulate.

Sometimes a Quatrain,
other times a Triolet;
a Ballad or an Ode,
and a poem is set.

A poem a cure to my soul
Until my emotions take their toll.

Touching Love

At my beck and call, you are,
It was cold,
Wind blowing 
Yet warmth dispersed in my heart
When you passed.
I gently approached
Beside you, I wanted to be,
To lean on you
The distance between us grew shorter
I narrowed it down to love!
You are able to feel it……
Touch the occasion
I don't have to hug
I’m already embraced by you.

This is a lonely love 
Yet I bestow it
It’s like my destiny already planned.
You reached my heart
With both hands you grabbed it
You held onto me
Will I get further away?
Will I linger to be by your side?