Fishing For Enjoyment


Nobody at home,

Gone fishing;

In town, I find much fish,

Blondes, brunette, and some redheads.


Do not disturb,

I am very busy,

The fish I caught is delicious,

Have no time to chat.


The Cone Of Silence


There is a secret brewing in the sky,

The cone of silence would try;

Pushing the button it came down,

The words muted the chief in a frown;

Words not heard and inaudible,

With Max nothing is plausible.


Inspired by the TV show GET SMART


Along Came The Sixties


young men with long hair

mini-skirts far too fleeting

psychedelic drugs,

start of sexual freedom

singer Sam Cooke shot and killed


anti-war movement

the bay of pigs invasion

Luther King murdered

the second-wave feminism

first heart transplantation held