28th July 2020


Today I was upset

My wife went to the hospital;

For a coloscopy none the less,

I wished for whatever was topical.


My wife for thirty-eight years,

She's seventy-eight, I'm sixty-four;

A tall boy and feeling happy,

I love my wife and her I adore.


I am not after her money she has none,

We, (I) knew that from the start;

Survive we did with all the problems.

There will never be a new place for a fresh start.


In Haiku


the moon alright,

floats in a dark sky

my enemy is


when roses withers

and daffodils die

the muse vanishes


the old forest

the world of nature

mostly hidden


arising tide

no walkers on the sand



glistening sun

the fields crying out for water

golden silence


the cat pooing

by the flourishing tomatoes

the radishes laugh


One Wrong Turn


One sweet earnest thought comes to me,

Anxieties raised are the key;

Close to my heart I am frightened.


Modified to my enchained life,

Where vexations are filled with strife;

The cross carried troubles heightened


Lust a consummated mistrust,

Everything touched turns into dust;

The formation of sex tightened.

Dum Di Dum

In the darkness I am, I left the wife

Waiting for the train to come

The tenebrous subway I hear strife

Dum Di Dum, Dum Di Dum

My sad life hanging on a thread

Can't live anymore, I choose death instead.

Dum Di Dum, Dum Di Dum

Here it comes to end my life

Exiled From Love

For forty years I loved,

Two scores together;

The woman and I,

Thinking love lasts forever…..


Cancer came and visited her,

For four years she lived;

In remission, she was for a while,

Exiled from her love I was deceived.

My beloved wife, mother of two,
Now she rests in perpetual peace;
My daughters grieved and healed,
Suffering still hoping to weaken and cease.

Exiled from her love I am,
Hope to die soon I don’t give a damn.