Millie and Billie

Once there was a tall fat girl called Millie,

She was cute, pretty, and was also silly;

She teased a lot of boys,

Declaring her funny joys,

Yet she fancied a thin boy named Billie.


Behold My Future

When pigs fly I’ll be cured,

For the substances are there to take;

I feel like sailing without a paddle;

Feeling extremely dark and dirty….


When under the influence,

I feel like I’m over the rainbow,

Looking at the sky,

Having a yearn to shoot the moon;

in the morning or at night.


My past belongs to suffering,

I feel the shades of yesterday tormenting me;

It humiliates me,

Trample me by as by a herd of elephants.


I cry tears as if they were oceans of blue terrain,

Trying to erase my sins, and lick and promise the future,

Will, I will be able to change,

Or is already written to remain in stardust and rust?


Praise Be Mr. President

To be positive about Mr. President,

Obviously one has to be cruel to be kind;

Many hates others love him,

On a positive side, he has an excellent business mind.


How to be positive about this leader,

When he tells his nation to inject bleach;

To sack anybody who opposes him,

For me, praise is very, very hard to reach.


Cumulus Clouds

Puffy clouds,

sometimes look like floating cotton

growing upward,

they can also develop into a thunderstorm cloud.