Alfred Vassallo

Alfred (known as Freddie) was born on the 11th of April 1956 to Romeo and Ethel Vassallo, in Sliema, Malta. Alfred established himself as a lover of literature and arts. He also formed his own semi-professional company where he produced plays in the English language at the National Theatre of Malta, the Manoel Theatre. He started writing at the age of 14, he was a keen footballer and played as a goalkeeper with several amateur clubs in Malta including being a regular player in the minor leagues for the professional team Sliema Wanderers. At age 15 he got involved with a youth dramatic company “The Sacred Heart Drama Group” under the direction of well-known actor and writer Lino Grech. Father Mark Enriquez was in charge of the group. In 1972 Alfred won the best actor award in Lino’s play “The Last Match”. He is married to Enid and has 4 four daughters and lives in Colchester, Essex, England. Alfred is a keen writer of poetry and he self-published many books. He also wrote for the theatre.


Alfred Vassallo tackles the emotion of love with courage, intensity, lust and with enthusiasm. He describes true and unique love as holy and happens only once. He strongly pressurises his mind not to confuse between love and lust and explains that the gift of love is the gift most precious.